Mokeoke Every Monday at The Moko Lounge

Our Karaoke Master, DJ Carl Carr brings you the chance to belt out those shameless and blameless tunes we love to hate! Going solo on the mic? You could win a free bomb when you sing alone! Our increasingly popular competition “The Singer Takes It All” give you the chance to win either a cash prize or a free table for the Monday after. All you need to do is earn raffle tickets every time you buy a drink or sing a song! The more you buy and sing the higher the chances of winning! Winner is announced at 2am!”

If Karaoke isn’t for you, then downstairs in our Cocktail Bar, we bring you a great mix of old classics and chart hits!


FREE entry all night


11pm til 4am

Triple Cooked: Dalston Roof Park – August Special

Throwback Fridays

Fridays at Moko just had a THROWBACK!

Triple Cooked: Dalston Roof Park – August Special

Moko Saturdays

DJs Joe Hryszko and Max Czernik bring you the latest Remixes, Chart hits and Mashups. Made especially for your aural pleasure

Triple Cooked: Dalston Roof Park – August Special

Mokeoke Mondays

DJ Carl Carr brings an extremely entertaining night of Mokeoke karaoke – with chances to win a bottle for the most entertaining performances… good or bad!